Why a Lawyer is Important for your EEOC Mediation

Why a Lawyer is Important for your EEOC Mediation

If you are not familiar with how the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) resolves disputes, you may be surprised to know that there are various ways to solve a discrimination issue with an employer, in addition to going to court.

The EEOC allows employees to file a charge regarding discrimination. However, both the complainant and their employer have rights and options.

If you want to quickly resolve issues, mediation with your employer is an excellent option, regardless of whether the issues stem from a hostile work environment or a systemic form of discrimination. A neutral mediator can help to find a more balanced outcome than a trial.

However, just because mediation is faster and doesn’t require a courtroom doesn’t mean you should handle it alone. An experienced employment law attorney can help you secure a positive outcome in mediation. Here are the top reasons why –

Successful mediation often requires aggressive negotiation

Mediation refers to two or more parties trying to find a compromise to an issue. Whether you like it or not, that can sometimes mean that the more forceful party succeeds. No matter how confident you are, you may not be able to negotiate as aggressively as a skilled attorney.

Your attorney will consider your best interests

Your attorney will keep calm and think rationally for you, even when it becomes an emotional process for you.

Your attorney will also act in your best interests, such that you can secure the best possible outcome.

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