Facing Pregnancy Discrimination?

Facing Pregnancy Discrimination?

May women are not aware of their rights with respect to discrimination involving pregnancy. It is important to know that the Pregnancy Discrimination Act derives from Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, that is discrimination based on sex.

There can be claims under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) if there are complications with the pregnancy, that meet the requirements of Americans with Disabilities Act. It will take detailed analysis by an experienced attorney who specializes in workplace discrimination.

Several questions need to be answered. What if you have conditions like pre-eclampsia during your pregnancy? Would that entitle you to disability? What would happen when you need time off? What about doctors’ appointments after the birth of your child? What if you or the child has issues after the birth of the child? What is the role of the Family Medical Leave Act? An attorney can represent your interests if you are not getting what you deserve.

If you are dealing with issues because of discrimination related to your pregnancy, and you have some concerns about some of the conditions associated with your pregnancy, and your rights, it is recommended that you consult an experienced attorney who has dealt in the area of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

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