Employee Wage and Hour Policies in Remote Work

Employee Wage and Hour Policies in Remote Work

The pandemic has brought completely transformed the workplace. And it may be a good time to revisit wage and hour policies.

Running a business can be challenging during such tough times. A business owner needs to stay updated with new policies and adapt to keep up with the changing situation. Since remote work has become the norm, more employees are working from home. This means policies need to be updated to reflect the changes and set new telecommute policies in place.

Working Hours

Since employees are working from home, it is important to keep track of hours worked, overtime, and breaks taken.

You can achieve this by creating schedules, timekeeping, establishing clear work hours and clearly communicate them to your employees. Set clear expectations about availability and responsiveness to avoid any conflicts.


Employees face many distractions when working from home which can make it tough for them to manage their time. Help your employees reduce distractions and stay on schedule.

Employees should seek approval for overtime work since this the hardest to manage with remote work.


Encourage employees to document everything. This can be done with an efficient project and task management software. This will help you and your employees keep track of deadlines, and deliverables.

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